to Bob Sykes - Photography / Media,
we are based in Penarth not actually on the peir, however it is a great place for a meeting and a jolley good coffeee.

our principle
Is to always exceed the clients expectations, keeping to the agreed buget, delivering the job on time and with no fuss.
That's been our principle from day one, and will always be.

I am a self-made millionaire inventor. Explored all 7 continents in my youth before working for NASA.
I have won 2 Nobel prizes, a Pulitzer, six Grammys and have been chosen as People magazine's sexiest man of the year.
I'm currently working on developing cold fusion reactors that will provide free clean, sustainable energy for all of mankind for centuries to come, and I take photographs in my spare time.

At least this is how I'd would like my bio to read.