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Dog Portraiture - Penarth

George is a loveable ‘Heinz 57’ dog from Penarth. George was getting old, and his owners wanted to capture his playfulness and love of following them wherever they went. This is one of my favourite fun images! You may be able to tell from this snapshot of some other new acquaintances that I have a genuine love of dogs and take huge pleasure in working with them.

01 - George the Heinz 57, Penarth
02 - Elvis the Weimaraner, Penarth
03 - Badger the German Wirehaired Pointer, Usk
04 - Archie the English Setter, Usk
05 - Ruby the German Shorthaired Pointer, Monmouth
06 - Patch the Long Legged Jack Russell, Penarth Studio
07 - Boudica the Gazehound, Hay-on-Wye
08 - William the Shih-Tzu / Cross Yorkie, Penarth Studio
09 - Casper the Wirehaired Vizsla
10 - RWAS Dog Show - Builth Wells